Monday, September 07, 2009

Did You Know That There Is Instant Replay In Major League Baseball?

I know I didn't!

But there it was...Randy Ruiz of the Toronto Blue Jays hit a home run off Andy Pettitte of the New York Yankees. The ball, from my vantage point, appeared to hit the foul pole, which, again from where I was sitting behind home plate (thanks Paul!), seemed to be located entirely in fair territory at the Rogers Centre, the lovely home field of the Blue Jays. (Actually, it kind of felt like a home game for the Yankees. With the Blue Jays being so bad, it being Labor Day weekend, and New York not being all that far from Toronto, the stadium and the city as a whole was a place where one could hear way more "fugetaboutits" than "ehs.")

With the stadium (well, those in attendance who were actually cheering on the Blue Jays) going crazy, the umpires caucused on the field, then dashed out of sight. The jumbo HD screen in center field blared out "PLAY IS UNDER REVIEW."

Sure enough, five minutes later, the umpires reemerged and waved off the run. All I can say is that it was very fitting when, in his very next at bat, Ruiz hit a home run that actually counted.

Final score...Yankees 6, Blue Jays 4.



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