Sunday, August 23, 2009


OK, here's one little part of our Chinese lives, we just discovered, we can indulge in right here in the DC suburbs.

You may recall Julie's zai lai yi ping post from a few months back. This particular brand of 绿茶 (green tea) was one of our go-to drinks over the course of the past year. How sad we were to leave it behind...

But, then, we decided to take a spin by a local Asian supermarket. I wandered over to the drink aisle, in a quest to find some kind of drink that might at least remotely resemble our tastes of China. As my eyes scanned the shelves, there were lots of options, many of which I presumed would leave me wanting.

And then the magic moment happened. I can only imagine what the rest of the shoppers thought when this waiguoren went dashing through the store, bottle of green tea held high, excitedly looking for the rest of his laowai family. (Oh, wait...We can't refer to ourselves as waiguoren anymore, can we? How about when we have entered a store full of Chinese workers and customers? Can we consider ourselves to be on Chinese soil?)

As you can see, we loaded up our cart, and then refrigerator, with a healthy supply of bottles (not to mention some wasabi peas, one of Desi's new found cravings that she is happy not to leave behind).

The only problem? Where do we return our bottle caps when we uncover a zai lai yi ping? It's a long, long way to the Anhui family's shop...



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