Friday, August 14, 2009

Now Those Are Some Tasty Rainbow Trout!

Chilling out in Wei Ziqi's courtyard after our hike out to the wall, our minds eventually turned toward what we would be eating that evening. I asked Wei Ziqi where we could grab a bite to eat, not wanting to assume that he and Cao Chunmei would be cooking for us. But that's exactly the response that I got, along with a couple of questions..."When do you want to eat?" And, more importantly, "How many fish do you want?"

A few years back, as the outside world began to discover Sancha, Wei Ziqi built a small cement pond where he now raises rainbow trout. When we suggested that two fish would be enough for the five of us, Wei Ziqi went to work. Using a net on the end of a long pole, Wei Ziqi pulled out a couple of beautiful fish.

Those beautiful fish then got their heads whacked on the concrete a couple of times. Within moments, their bellies were cut open and they were gutted. And then, minutes later, they were on the grill, being seasoned and prepared as part of our fresh, home cooked meal.

For her part, Cao Chunmei was busy making down home favorites like nangua (pumpkin), tudou si (sliced potatoes), and other delicious vegetable dishes. A meal like that, in a natural setting like that...And the real fun had not yet even begun...



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