Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My New Bike

When you leave all of your stuff for a year, you come back thinking that everything has shrunk. There is a lot of throwing out, giving away...And then there is replacing...Yep!...My bike is too small.

When we took a bike ride, my knees hit the handle bars. It was clear I needed a new bike!

At the first chance, Dad and I went to The Bicycle Place to look at bikes. My best two options were the "comfort" and "fitness" styles. The comfort style was bulky, it had a big, squishy seat, and a big frame. The fitness style was thin, had a thin seat, and a light-weight frame. When the fitness style (the coolest bike in the world) was shown to me, it was an easy decision. Yeah, I'll chip in $100!

After days of anticipation, we called and were told to come by the next day. After a hike on the Billy Goat Trail, Dad and I headed to Silver Spring. The dudes got it ready while we ate lunch.

After happily loading my new, white speed bike into the car, we headed for home and my first ride. That bike zipped up and down hills, with its light weight and flick gears (you press a lever and the gears change). Watch out Dad...Here I come!



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