Thursday, July 30, 2009

Our Nei Menggu Bao

Our home for a few days out in the Hulunbeier grasslands was a real, authentic Mongolian yurt...

...Actually, sad to say, no self-respecting Mongolian family would likely ever be caught dead in the place where we stayed. Why not?

The yurt had a concrete floor and walls.

The yurt had electricity.

The yurt had actual beds.

So, yes, we did what we had to do, and bunked down in an imitation yurt. That said...

There were plenty of creepy, crawly creatures inside the yurt with us.

The beds were really tiny and basic (of the wooden slat variety).

The yurt did not have a bathroom. Nor, by the way, did the place where we were staying have anything more than a couple of toilets and sinks (which, much of the time, were overflowing). So it was no showers for the Ballas for a few days. Hey, at least we smelled like we were roughing it!



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