Wednesday, July 08, 2009

My Five Star Car

A few days ago, we took a trip to my favorite market, Five Star. Five Star is the best market in the world because of their product and prices. It is also where one of my greatest dreams came true...I bought a remote control car!

While the girls were off buying the world's largest amount of hair supplies, I went off to try and bargain for a new, green car from a particularly "firm" woman.

"How much is this kind of car?"

"This one? Oh, fifty-five kuai."

"No way! Twenty-five."

"Off with you!"

"Fine! Thirty."


"Never! My highest is thirty-five kuai."

That conversation happened over a period of a half an hour, because, at various intervals, I left to go check out other places and on the girls. After due consideration, I bought a green four-wheeler. Now, this isn't just any four-wheeler, because the front two wheels can do a three-sixty. Also, the wheels light up and can roll over any surface.

This car was five American dollars (cheap!)...And very cool! I'm really excited about my new purchase, because I have always wanted a remote control car.



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