Saturday, June 27, 2009


We have finally done it! We finally went to Tianjin!

Yesterday morning, we decided to hop on the train to Tianjin. After a forty-five minute bus ride from Saoziying (our stop) to Xiyuan (the next stop!), thanks to the Yiheyuan weekend traffic, we decided to get into a cab.

At first, we thought that the train to Tianjin was at the Beijing railway station, and we told our driver to go to Yabao Lu, right by the station, where one of our favorite Muslim restaurants is located. After telling the driver our plan for the day, he told us that the trains to Tianjin were at Beijing South, a different station!

We changed our route, and after a sixty yuan cab ride, we bought tickets to Tianjin that left in less than ten minutes. The fifty-eight yuan was well spent by each of us for a fast thirty minute ride!

To get a lay of the land, when we arrived at Tianjin Station, we bought a map. Now, in my opinion, maps are cool, so I was the carrier. One thing I love about collecting maps is that you can see where you went. As the day went on, I traced our path.

From the train, we walked through French-style buildings to an awesome chuanr place where the chuanr were MASSIVE! From there, we crossed a cool white bridge, in the same vein as the Bird's Nest. Then, we walked along the river to an "Ancient Street." Julie and Mom bought key chains and I bought a cool gyroscope.

Coming out of that street, we went across the river to a church in an attempt to catch Mass, but Masses are only on Sundays. Then we hopped in a cab to Nankai University (南开大学). We walked through campus and came out near a water park and a museum that were both closed. We walked to Tianjin's TV tower, and down a side street where we bought bubble teas.

We then took a cab back to Tianjin Station, and had a thirty minute ride back to Beijing. After the ride back, we took a well earned rest!

Now, whenever the common question, Have you ever been to Tianjin?, comes up, we can answer, "Yes!"



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