Saturday, June 06, 2009

This Is The Beijing Amusement Park

The image you should have in your head is Dutch Wonderland with Chinese characteristics.

Here's the Dutch Wonderland part of the story...

It's like turning the clock back twenty-five years, to when a roller coaster than turns upside down was a big deal. The rides were of a kinder, gentler sort...Definitely not a place for modern day thrill seekers.

Here's the Chinese characteristics part of the story...

There was no one at the park. In fact, when we pulled up in front of the entrance, we walked around for like five minutes, to look for any evidence that the rides were actually working. It turns out that the operators were in fact on the scene, just waiting for the several dozen of us in the park to come by for a twirl. As for the water rides, it was all about the ponchos. For three kuai, you could buy a plastic cover and stay high and dry, even on the log flume.

The real upside of all of this? We were able to go from ride to ride, with no lines to speak of. Our own, private playground. Now, Julie, you know what it was like when Elvis rented out that Memphis amusement park on Lisa Marie's birthday...



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