Friday, June 05, 2009


Kevin is my terra cotta warrior. He is about two feet tall, and is a kneeling archer. I bought him on Huimin Jie in Xi'an for forty-five yuan, after a lot of bargaining. The starting price was one hundred twenty yuan. My price was twenty-five yuan. I know, I doubled my price, but I really wanted him.

Along with Kevin, we also bought two small boxes of terra cotta warriors for ten yuan each. The woman wrapped Kevin in a box, and we headed out.

Here was the first obstacle. Kevin weighed a ton! We took shifts until we arrived back at the hotel and went to the airport.

The second obstacle? How would we get him on the plane? After carrying Kevin on the long trek to the terminal, we arrived at our gate. After readjusting his wrapping (which included newspaper, my pants, my shirt, and my shorts), we boarded. Kevin "slept" under my seat on the ride. Back at the house, I set him on the table. That is where he remains today.



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