Friday, June 05, 2009

Jin Gao

Yep...This is another blog about food! But why not when China, and especially Xi'an, are like buffets just waiting for you to put some more food on your plate?

One of Xi'an's tese foods is jin gao, or "glazed glutenous rice cake." The way these cakes are prepared is really interesting. First, the man standing behind the cart asks you what toppings you want. (I normally tell them to give me the tastiest flavor or their favorite.) Then, he grabs something like a clay bowl off the top of a stacked pile.

These bowls of ground sticky rice are being steamed all the time, so when a customer comes by, the xiao tanr owner just grabs the one on top. Next, he takes two sticks and stabs the side of the cake to take it out of the bowl. He "paints" a glaze on each side, flips it in some sugar and seeds, and hands the completed jin gao to you, all in one motion. Finally, you pay the fee...1.5 RMB, or 11 cents.

This little treat is just one of the Xi'an specialties . You can order it with strawberry glaze, grape glaze, or a natural glaze with sunflower seeds.

Jin gao makes the Muslim Quarter just a little bit more exciting, and adds a new flavor to a walk around its streets.



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