Wednesday, June 24, 2009

In Search Of Hong Chang

Here's what happens when you meet someone who is as crazy about Harbin hong chang as you are.

When hearing that Cathy, one of our gracious hosts at Northeastern University, is a native of Harbin, I immediately mentioned how much Desi, the kids, and I enjoyed tasting all of the varieties of hong chang they have up there.

"Can you get good hong chang here in Shenyang?" I asked.

"It's not as good as in Harbin, but I found a place that is pretty close. If you want, I can take you there tomorrow."

Now we're talking!

And so there we were, staring into the glass counters at a place called, appropriately enough, "Harbin Hong Chang." It was just like I remembered. Thin sausages, thick sausages. Fatty meat sausages, lean meat sausages.

I grabbed a nice selection of pretty much every type they had to offer. Most of it, Desi and the kids were happy to learn, made it back to Beijing. Some of it, though, did not survive the taxi ride back to campus...



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