Saturday, June 06, 2009

I Am A Professor At Ocean University Of China

No, really, I am! Prior to my lectures at the school of law and politics, a ceremony was held where I was given a three-year appointment as a visiting professor. Here's how the ceremony went...

中国海洋大学聘请Steven J. Balla教授为客座教授


Appointment Ceremony Outlines


Moderator: Xiaoyong Shi (Vice-chief of Division of Personnel, China Ocean University)


Time: 2:00 PM May 31st , 2009


Location: Moot court of Law and Political School


Moderator introduces the guests and the participants.


Moderator declares open the invitation ceremony.

3.中国海洋大学法政学院政治系副主任郭培清教授Steven J. Balla教授宣读简历

Prof. Qingpei Guo, vice-director of department of Politicals, Law and Political School, reads out the CV of Prof. Steven J. Balla

4.中国海洋大学校领导(或院领导) 。。教授颁发聘书

Leader of China Ocean University, or leader of Law and Political School, awards the letter of appointment to Prof, Steven J. Balla.

5.学生代表为Steven J. Balla教授佩戴校徽

Students’ representative fastens the University Badge for Prof. Steven J. Balla.

6.学生代表为Steven J. Balla教授献花

Students’ representative presents flowers to Prof. Steven J. Balla.

7.中国海洋大学校领导或法政学院领导 。。。教授向Steven J. Balla教授赠送礼品

Leader of China Ocean University, or leader of Law and Political School,, presents the gift to Prof. Steven J. Balla.

8Steven J. Balla教授致答谢词

Speech of thanks by Prof. Steven J. Balla


Speech by University leader or school leader.

10 集体合影留念 并宣布聘任仪式结束

Photo-taking and Ceremony ends.



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It must be really cool living there good luck with everything


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