Friday, May 01, 2009

Zhou Zhuang

Our driver in Suzhou dropped us off at the water town of Zhou Zhuang. After buying entrance tickets, we walked through the normal gauntlet of small trinket shops. At one stand, something caught Julie's and my attention. They were stamps.

Julie and I have wanted stamps made for a long time. In Shanghai and the surrounding areas, they sell these bamboo stamps (well, actually wood, but they are cut to look like bamboo) that have magnetic caps to protect the carving.

The starting price...120 kuai...Too expensive! 60 kuai for two? 100...80...75...70...65...60!!!

Our friend also brought a bigger one, but I don't know how much it was. The woman told us to come back later to pick them up, because they would take too long to carve. When we came back from our day's walk, the stamps were ready. Mine says 齐曼 and Julie's says 依柔. Five kuai was added to each for ink. Now Julie and I have the diplomatic stamp!



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