Thursday, May 14, 2009

Zai Lai Yi Ping!

For those of you who are living in China right now, and who enjoy drinking bing hong cha (iced tea), you may have noticed that in the last several weeks, new signs for this tea have been appearing all over the country. These signs are for the company's latest promotion...Zai lai yi ping, or "give me another bottle."

I have switched my drinking habits to this kind of tea for the sole purpose of checking the underside of the cap. If yours happens to say 再来一瓶, run back to the xiao tanr you just stopped at and collect your prize. The stores must get paid for the bottle caps, because they are always excited to give you another bottle. Of course, there are the "Thank you for playing" caps, but at least half of the bottles I have opened have been rewarded with an extra drink!

There are actually four different flavors that are part of the zai lai yi ping promotion...The iced tea, the green tea, and two other herbal teas.

To me, the purpose of 在俩一瓶 is so that people all over China can hear kids running through the streets calling "zai lai yi ping!" I can only imagine their faces when they hear two xiao laowai chanting it!



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