Sunday, May 10, 2009

Xiao Pengyou (Finally!)

Finally I have been accepted into the "club." I now have my first xiao pengyou. My Chinese friend is nine years old, has black hair and black eyes, lives in building 303 on the first floor, and introduced me to other friends.

The first day went like this...

1. I get out of the shower and the door bell rings.

2. Next thing you know there is a Chinese voice on the other end of the line, wanting me to come play.

3. He won't take NO for an answer.

4. We play ball in a courtyard.

5. We go up to my room.

6. His friend comes over.

7. We play Chinese games, like Xiang Qi.

8. We go to the playground and play soccer until Mom, Dad, and Julie come down for dinner.


NEXT DAY...He wants to play again.

Now, here is the funny part. We were going to have Chinese class in our house.

1. Dad and I leave to meet Yanke at the bus stop.

2. Xiao Pengyou comes up to our house and walks right into my room.

3. Not seeing me, he asks Julie, "齐曼在哪儿?"

4. He goes out on his bike and finds me.

5. I tell him I can't play until next weekend.

Right now, while I am writing this, I am wondering when he will ask me next.


PS: He has followed us to lunch twice. The first time, he followed us on his bike and waited for us outside. The second time, he followed us and checked in on us every ten minutes.


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