Sunday, May 24, 2009

What Was...And Is...West Street

Near the Li River in the town of Yangshuo is a bustling series of (mostly) pedestrian streets, lined with shops, restaurants, and hostels for weary backpackers.

While in '04, I would have referred to this spot as "quaint," that description no longer holds, as what was once West Street has now expanded into a grid of streets loaded with tourists, natives, and even a few Chinese students looking for English speakers to practice with.

Even Maidanglao has found its way to West Street. Perhaps the McDonald's with the most beautiful "McBackdrop" in the world, there is no doubt that this town has capitalized on the "lore of tour."

Despite this new chaos, West Street is a really fun place to hang out. For us, some window shopping, people watching, and outdoor dining on an eclectic combination of pizza, cheese-stuffed chicken, Indonesian noodles, and spaghetti was a great way to relax after a "tough" day biking through the limestone peaks.



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