Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Tandem And Two Solos

Probably the best way to explore the limestone peaks outside of Yangshuo is to jump on a bicycle and pedal away. (It doesn't hurt that an entire day's worth of rentals runs you about three dollars a person! Finally...A good deal in Yangshuo!)

Desi and Julie opted to ride a tandem together, while Z and I pedaled on our own (much to the chagrin of our resident overprotective mom!).

This riding opened up an entire world that was really kind of schizophrenic. As you'll see in subsequent posts, the area immediately surrounding Yangshuo has really been built up around the tourism industry. It is absolutely crawling with visitors, mostly the new middle class in China that is, for the first time, able to spend time and money traveling around the country. It sort of reminds us of the main spot at the south rim of the Grand Canyon...Remarkable natural beauty that can be enjoyed shoulder to shoulder with a million of your closest friends.

If, however, you bike just a few kilometers further out of town, you get to see the other side of Guangxi...Farming villages with dirt roads and no running water. Our aim that day, in the rain and then the sun, was to experience both sides of this indescribable region...



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