Saturday, May 23, 2009

Return To Moon Hill

In 2004, on our tour to Moon Hill, our bus stopped across the street so we could all take pictures. The picture we took came out great, and has been a legend to us. Since we were back at Moon Hill, we decided to look for the spot.

As we biked along, we decided to turn off on a familiar looking road. Eventually, we got to the tour buses and groups. There were shops, restaurants, and bleachers for pictures.

We got off our bikes at a bleacher that had an angle like our picture from '04. The woman who owned the bleacher saw us and made us pay one yuan. Then we went to a really familiar looking stand and paid five yuan for a picture. These people even took a professional picture, but we didn't want it.

Here are the two pictures. Tell us what you think. Are they at the same spot?



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