Friday, May 08, 2009

My Yiheyuan Hangout

On our last trip to Yiheyuan, the Summer Palace, we explored a whole new section, the section in the very corner by our alleyway neighborhood. In a deserted garden, Dad and I decided to climb some rocks. We did not know yet how close to the alley we were.

We looked out from the top and saw our alley, the drive we walk down to get to the Summer Palace, and the main road. I went to the wall of the Summer Palace, hopped up, and looked down. There were people coming and going to and from the Summer Palace.

What did I do? I waved! For about ten minutes, I waved, and most people waved back. That's just one little moment in time to brighten peoples' days.


PS: I waved to buses, migrant workers, and laobaixing. Even to some smokers!


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