Friday, May 22, 2009

The Limestone Peaks

The soft rain drops sprinkle,
They make the surface wrinkle,
The water ripples away,
Toward the shores each day.

Above the clouds disappear,
The sun comes out completely clear,
Rays shine upon the face,
Of each peak's knobby base.

The Li River waters show,
As the people upon it row,
What lies to the left and right,
It reflects in the golden light.

The mist on each hill's peak,
Fades as we speak,
To reveal the colors majestically,
That were hidden away so carefully.

Now visible is the beauty,
That so many long to see,
These limestone mountains scattered lie,
As if thrown down from the sky.

The greens the whites the yellows,
They make the mind so mellow,
Each craggy summit gazes,
Upon the river's mazes.

This place is but one jewel,
That sits on one side of the world,
And if everyone could see its majesty,
Then no one would leave this pot of gold.



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