Saturday, May 23, 2009

Everybody Has A Water Buffalo

Have you ever seen a water buffalo? I have! On the Li River, water buffalo are as common as squirrels. In the water, on land, by themselves, with a band...They are everywhere!

The coolest place we saw them was on an island where our boat stopped. Two little girls has brought out a herd to eat. We got so close to them, and even walked among them!

Another cool thing we did on the island (well, I did!) was beach combing. I found some really cool rocks, and realized that little frogs, one centimeter by one centimeter, roamed the island. It was hard not to step on them, but they moved fast.

I wrote a poem about the island, too...

Above the limestone peaks soar
Below the waters of the Li River roar
But in between, what lies but me
Happily walking along the shore.



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