Friday, May 29, 2009

Building Dams

On one of our hikes at Ping'An, I noticed small waterfalls in many places. Most of these were surrounded with rocks and mud...The perfect ingredients for building dams!

On the first hike, I made around five or six dams, none of which stopped the water completely. On one of them, a big one that crossed the path, the water was nearly stopped. This one was bigger than the others, and had a snaking path down. I made three dams there. The first was small to slow the water, the second was the main one, and the third was small and a back up for the bigger one.

On our second hike, I made three dams and was a little more successful. My second dam completely stopped the water. The only problem? It flooded the path! I undid the dam and made a channel for it. Well...At least I was successful!


PS: I wonder if the workers are happy or mad at me...


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