Sunday, May 10, 2009

Address Frenzy

I don't really have an address right now. I mean, technically, I know my apartment number, building, and zip code. But the place we all have our snail mail sent to is Steve's office, because there is actually a mailbox where he can retrieve it.

And speaking of addresses, the numbers (if there are any) marking the buildings in Beijing make absolutely no sense to me. In the US, there is rhyme and reason to address...Odds on one side, evens on the other, and...They're in order! In Beijing, that is certainly not the case, as evidenced by the two "addresses" that were photographed right across the alley from one another.

And speaking of alleys, so many of the housing units don't even seem to have numbers assigned to them. Do they ever get mail? If they ever give directions to someone to get to their place, how do they go about doing so? Not to mention firefighters and rescue squads!

No wonder some Beijing cab drivers seem a little grumpy!



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