Wednesday, April 15, 2009

This Is Ma La Tang

Here is a perfect way to end any day in Chengdu...

Find a small, street-side restaurant where you can pull up a couple of plastic stools on the sidewalk.

Walk into the open-air xiao fandian and grab a little basket.

Grab a couple dozen chuanr from the offerings assembled in a series of containers along the wall and in the refrigerator. If you are the Ballas, be sure to stock up on plenty of potatoes and mushrooms, as well as some bamboo shoots and meat.

Hand your heaping basket to the fuwuyuan. Have a seat while he cooks up your skewers.

Get your chopsticks ready when the big bowl full of your dinner (and spicy, red hot oil) is carried over.

Dig in, one skewer at a time.

Wash down with soda or beer.

Go back and get some more!


PS: Pay seven dollars when you are full. (Seriously...)


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