Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Taiyuan Kites

On our first day in Taiyuan, our guide and friend, Yingping, and her student, Li Ling, took us to a park that runs along the main river in town. It was about a forty minute walk from campus (plus time spent mingling), and it was a nice windy day.

Arriving at the bridge over the water to the park, we noticed many kites flying around. Finally getting to the park, we saw one particular kite, a "speedy" kite, being driven by a man wearing a blue shirt. He was doing tricks, such as skimming the water, resting the kite on pillars, making it zoom down, scaring people, and following people and bumping their heads with it.

The rest of our walk around the park consisted of seeing a puppy in a small bag, playing with coal on the ground, and trying, unsuccessfully, to count the number of kites. (I estimated around two hundred.)

Now I'm really on the hunt for one of those speedy kites!



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