Thursday, April 02, 2009

My Little Cubby

As we have started home school, I needed a place to work. My room is too cold and messy, and the living room is used too much. Conveniently, there is a desk out on the balcony cubby!

After deciding to move out there, I spent some time cleaning it up and putting supplies out there. Now, the balcony is fully equipped with a curtain (actually, a blanket), some chairs, a small box, and a place for my pens and pencils.

While I work, I feel the wind through the open window, hear and see the construction going on outside, and hear the birds fly by. I can see the Summer Palace out my window, too. Now, away from the boring stuff and on to the humor.

I have a "drive through" window that opens into the house. When I finish a subject, I open the window and hand it to Mom, while saying, "Here's your double cheeseburger!" We also check answers from the opposite sides of the window. Well, everything is working out great!



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