Saturday, April 11, 2009

Missing Easter, But...

This Easter has been a lot different for us. While Christmas had at least some secular signs, for both the trained and untrained eye, the most special Christian celebration goes by without any notice from the general populace.

Yet for those who search, opportunities to share in the spirituality of the season can be found. For example, on Wednesday night, we were invited to join a group of local Catholics, both Chinese and foreign, for a lovely Seder meal. This occasion allowed us to share in the rituals of Holy Week with people, most of whom we had never met before, but whom we were comfortable with from the start because of our shared faith.

Catholic means "universal." This definition echoed loudly in our hearts and minds as we joined with individuals from many nationalities, backgrounds, and walks of life, united by our love for the Holy Trinity, to share in a feast recalling the ancient connection between Jews and Christians and celebrating the Passover meal as Christ did.



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