Saturday, April 18, 2009

"I Have Never Seen An American Dollar"

Every now and then, we get asked by people we meet if we have any American dollars on us. Desi, in fact, always has one in her small purse, as she intends to give it to the laoban at one of our favorite Xinjiang restaurants, as he is very curious about all things American, especially things having to do with cash.

This bill, along with some coins, came in handy when we were hiking down Qingchengshan, a mountain outside of Dujiangyan that is the place where Daoism, China's only homegrown religion, was founded. Some workers on the mountain popped the question, and Desi pulled out her little stash. Then it was up to Julie and Z (as depicted in this "unfortunate" picture that we are nevertheless posting) to explain to the small crowd what all the words say and what all the pictures mean.

Actually, speaking for myself, US currency looks kind of strange after carrying around so many Renminbi for so long. (And when living in America, I hardly carry any cash, anyways.) It's much longer and not nearly as fat as Chinese bills. And the Chairman is nowhere to be found...



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