Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"Hey Steve, You Have An E-Mail I Think You'll Like..."

I know I do!

This is quite an exciting time for all of us, since we have entered the travel portion of the show. In an attempt to see as much of China as we can in the next few months, we arranged a nice selection to both business and pleasure trips, which will fill the next few weeks. After Chengdu, it's off to Taiyuan, Shanghai, and Guilin (all by mid-May).

So last night, I'm finishing up the last of our tax prep (via e-mails from our accountant back home), and i take a brain break to check e-mail. Checking Steve's first, I notice a message from Sun Yat-Sen University. It went like this...

On behalf of Sun Sat-Sen University, I am very pleased to have the honor of inviting you to deliver lectures at our university as part of the Fulbright Guest Lecture Program. I look forward to meeting you in Guangzhou.

"Hey Steve," I said to the sleeping bundle on the bed, "I'm really excited...It looks like we'll be heading back to Guangzhou." Half conscious, he inquired, and so I read the e-mail to him. "Really?" "Yes," I told him, and reminded him of our love for Taishan, shuang pi nai, dim sum, and, of course, Li Ying. "Let's talk about it in the morning." (I thought, "Not much to talk about here!")

Morning comes, and Steve heads into the shower. I'm ready to go, so I decide to check e-mail to make sure that nothing self-destructed with our taxes overnight, and Steve's e-mail pops onto the screen with an unread message. "Hey Steve, you have another message," I called to him in the shower. "What's up?" I tell him, "You're not going to believe this...Another one!" This time, it's from Ocean University of China, which is located in Qingdao.

Hearing the shower water stop, I hear Steve call out to me to please read him the e-mail. As I read it, I make it clear that there's no way we're not going there! It's one of the next places on our list. (And the home to the German-influenced Tsingtao pijiu.)

I click back to Steve's inbox. "No way!" I announce. "You are not going to believe this! It's another one! And this time it's Xi'an! There's no way we're not going there! You know it's one of our favorite cities in China. After all, Kevin is there and he misses us!"

You've got to be kidding me!

Can we do all three?

Somehow, someway...Thank goodness for home school!



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