Saturday, April 18, 2009

Best Seat On The Bus

"Kuai dianr!"..."Come quickly! This is the last bus back to Chengdu!"

Without a moment's hesitation, the four of us jumped onto the last bus from Qingchengshan to Chengdu. While paying for the ride as the bus began to pull out of the parking lot, Daddy glanced toward the back of the bus. Upon noticing that there were only two seats left, he asked the ayi if there was enough room on the bus for us.

In response, she sent Daddy to the seat in the back of the bus, Mommy to the last seat in the front, and told Z and me to sit on the hump over the engine next to the driver. Z and I were excited to have front row seats and sat down quickly so Mommy couldn't tell us it was too dangerous. When do you ever have the chance to get the driver's view on a bus!?

Well, it was definitely exciting, especially when the bus turned quickly, or when the door right next to us flew open wildly. We rode like this almost the whole way back to Chengdu, and unlike on a normal bus ride, I didn't fall asleep! Sometimes it's fun to be in a place where there aren't any "buckle up" rules!



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