Wednesday, April 15, 2009

About Those Teeth And Pseudo-Thumbs

One day with the xióng māo just wasn't enough. No, I wasn't heading back for a private meeting! Somehow, I got over that desire. I did, though, want another chance to get into the nursery to take a peek at the cubs.

As we hurried toward Building 10, it was the same story as two days before. "Restricted Area. Authorized Person Only." This suggests that the building itself is actually closed to visitors (except, of course, the you qian ren). Happily, though, the rooms visible from the outside were filled with adorable cuddlies. One even came up to the window to greet us. He scratched and clawed at the glass, as if to try to get to us. (Yes, I know that's wishful thinking, but it was a special interaction, nonetheless.)

This also gave me another opportunity at a photo session. After writing my last blog, I noticed a lack of detail pictures in my collection...Especially the type that may visually present my next year's bio students some of the adaptations I discuss during our evolution unit. After watching these wonders of nature chow down on their lunch, it was plain to see the advantage they share because of the special design of their hands and jaws.

A beautiful example of how structure is related to function.


PS: Our plan to head to Wolong Nature Reserve was nixed due to the damage and dangerous conditions that still exist there due to last year's earthquake.


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