Sunday, March 08, 2009

This Is Our Kinkos

The other day, we needed to fax some papers back to the US. It was the weekend here, but still business time on Friday over there. Since I was not on campus, this was not one of those times where I could use the fax machine in Xiusha's office.

Desi's suggestion was that we walk through the alleys in our neighborhood, as there was bound to be some little fax center. When I argued that we had never seen one, Desi responded that perhaps it was because we weren't looking and our eyes just didn't know what to look for.

So we all set out to look at the neighborhood with new eyes, and searched for signs of computers, copy machines, and other such indicators of office communications. We had a few false starts, including a side trip to a Internet bar, which had no fax machines but plenty of teenagers playing online video games.

And, then, there it was. A place we had walked past hundreds of times. Right across the street from our favorite vegetable stand. A small little room, with a couple of computers, a copier, and, yes, a fax machine. I used the few key words I had just pulled off an old ChinesePod lesson (talk about learning on your terms!), and off went the paperwork...



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