Friday, March 27, 2009

Serfs' Emancipation Day

Today is Serfs' Emancipation Day, the 50th anniversary of China's assertion of control over Tibet. It was fifty years ago today that the Dalai Lama fled to his current home base in India.

Here in Beijing, the anniversary is being marked with the holding of seminars in the Great Hall of the People. Yesterday, one luminary at the conference had this to say...Since the Democratic Reform in1959, Tibetan people lead a far better life, thanks to the support from the central and other local governments. Having such a good life, do you think the people in Tibet will think of independence?

For its part, China Daily has been running a series of stories on Tibet before and after March 28, 1959. Here are a few of comments they have received on these stories...

In my option, the communist party does not want to make Tibet to be 'the hell on earth'. At least it would be unprofitable for its regime if the party lost the upholding of the people in china's three-fourthes territory. There would be no doubt that the communist party is gonna constantly improve Tibetan's livelihood as much as possible. To be one hundred percent honest, I believe they are very lucky living in China here-and-now as ethnic minority with so much privilege that compared to the Han people.

The senators who are so quick to tarnish China and distort the truth under the guise of 'morality' are part of a government that gives bombs to Israel to drop on the Palestinians. Their hypocrisy and double standards stink from miles away. China should simply continue on its path and keep in mind one thing: the imperialist, neo-colonialist west is in sharp decline, China is rising, and that's all that matters in the end.

China must come out with more innovative and effective ways when dealing with the Western liars about Tibetan issues! The Americans and other Western countries know well Tibet belongs to China and Tibet today is thousand times better than it was 50 years ago under the Dalai Lama feudal system. But, we also know that the Americans and the West love to tell lies in order to achieve their evil intentions and goals. So, China should with pleading with the Americans and abandon the 'urging' policy. Do something more effective that would HURT their interests immediately and make them learn a lesson of the CONSEQUENCE for supporting Dalai Lama!

We, ordinary folks, can start to teach the world, especially the American Indians, American Chinese, blacks, hispanics, Arabics (incl. the Palestinians, Lebanese),.......... to do something about their ghastly shameful and inferior positions in US society.

Why don't US give back all the land to the native people, such as Indian, Hawaiian and Eskemo. US can't tell China and the world what to do. US and its western allies always claming that they are hero and good guy, but they are not.

When China stops buying treasury bills and sells a boatload of them in the market, that is the time we know who will be laughing.

I say this in hopes that there will be peace in the hearts of all. Please do not believe everything your government says. All policies are not necessarily for all people's welfare. Instead look into your own heart. Investigate the actual situation that everyone seems to be discussing with the seeming authority that they know the truth. If you are Chinese, then talk to many local Tibetans to see what they think and feel. If you are American or European, then talk to the local Tibetans and Chinese. If you are Tibetan then talk to the local Chinese and determine what their ideals are. So many of our opinions are shaped by government policy as distributed by newspapers and over the internet. Let us form our own opinions after actually interacting with and exchanging ideas with the people we are discussing. Peace to all.



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