Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Now All The Ballas Have Zhongwen Mingzi

When Sophie asked all of us if we had Chinese names, we told her that we all do have a surname (Bai was given to our family by Steve's first semester students), but that only Steve has a given name. Then, she asked us, if that is because Julie, Z, and I aren't really interested in having Chinese names. "Not at all," we told her, "Actually, we'd love to have them, but no one has given them to us yet."

Once she heard this, Sophie was on it. Exploring different Chinese words and their meanings, and running each one by us, Sophie selected a name for each of us. We were touched that she took the time and put in so much effort to give us our special names.

For Julie, Yi Rou was chosen. This is a poetic way of saying "soft and gentle."

For Z, Mo Yu was the name Sophie picked. It's basic meaning is "having knowledge and willing to share it."

Finally, for me, Qing Qiu, which also means "gentle," was the selection.

While we haven't started calling each other by our new mingzi (we're still trying to figure out how to pronounce them correctly!), this event was just one more moving moment that has enriched us and made us feel a little less like waiguoren.



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