Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hair Security

It never fails that on any trip that requires flying, one of the two of us has some kind of hold up concerning our hair and airport security. Sometimes it has to do with that big can of hair spray that I (Desi) lug around from city to city. We guess that it must resemble some type of incendiary device when x-rayed, since usually, after checking my luggage, the security guard calls me back to open my suitcase. Now I just pack it on top for easy access!

Then, of course, there is the interesting moment when, as I (Julie) pass through security, the guards feel the need to wave their scanners around my abnormally large bun, just in case it contains explosives. My favorite time, though, was probably the time the security guard thought it strange that my hood was so heavy (sometimes I put my hair in there). She said, in broken English, "What is this?" When I pulled out my hair, she and all the other ladies gave a low "whoa!" and then she proceeded to comb it with her fingers. (That is, until her boss told her kuai dianr...pep it up!).

So next time you're on line at airport security and it seems to be taking a little longer than expected, just look at the front of the line and you're sure to see "Rapunzel" and "Big Jersey Hair" with her big can of Volumax holding up the works. But don't be angry...After all, we're just doing our part to bring a little excitement to an otherwise uneventful day for China's finest.

~Julie and Desi


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That answers alot of my questions.Rick


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