Tuesday, March 10, 2009

No Wonder I Only Get More Confused As Time Goes By

As part of my regular news watching, I routinely check out the Wall Street Journal. The Journal's Asia home page provides a nice Western orientation toward what is happening in the region I currently call home, not to mention events around the world. I also keep tabs on the stories that are reported on China Daily's English-language website. From this source, I get a glimpse into the Chinese Communist Party's views on issues back in the States, as well as goings on here in Beijing and other places around the country.

Today, as on many other days, I was struck by just how different were the perspectives that the two papers presented on the news of the day. This is, of course, no profound insight in the least. Differences across Western and Chinese media cultures have been well documented by observers and analysts on both sides. Nevertheless, I think these two front pages provide nice little visual glimpses into how these differences sometimes play out on an everyday basis. You can click on the pictures to see for yourself what is being reported, what is not being reported, and how it is being reported. Here are some of the highlights...

Wall Street Journal Headlines
Chinese Vessels Shadow U.S. Ship
Dalai Lama Blasts Crackdown in Tibet

China Daily Headlines
President Hu stresses stability in Tibet
President Hu Meets Tibetan Deputies



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