Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Cliff Jumper

As you might know, this past Sunday was my birthday. Where better to spend it than the Great Wall! Shanhaiguan was where we went, and the main attraction...where the wall meets the sea!

Of course, you cannot get on the wall for free, but the beach you can. Arriving on the beach, we saw the ocean, the wall, and twenty-foot high sand dunes. With shrubs here and there, I guess they just kept growing. One cool thing about them is that, at the top, there were cliffs of sand. After a while, I decided to go up. Walking along the top, I had an idea.

"Mom!" I yelled. Looking up, she said, "What is it?" I yelled down, "Watch my suicidal jump!" She got out the camera and I ran and jumped. I landed halfway down the slope and scrambled the rest of the way. I ran to get Dad. Coming back, we hiked up the cliff. I showed Dad the exact way and speed to jump. I jumped, as an example, and landed fifteen feet down. A few minutes later, Dad jumped halfway down. Now, getting into it, I landed close to the base and decided to scope out other cliffs.

Time and time again, I jumped, every time getting that flying, then falling sensation. Sandier and hotter I got. Taking a break, I tried to get Julie to jump. No way!

The next day, we came back. What did Mom and Julie do while Dad and I jumped? Mom took pictures, and Julie tried to climb the cliff.

Every time I jumped, I would climb to where Julie was and pull her down to the bottom. Sometimes, I would jump close to her and roll her down. She never got to the top.

Since that day was my birthday, for a BANG of a finish, I made a twelve in the sand and took a leap with dead accuracy and smothered it. With shoes filled with sand, we trudged back to the bus stop.



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