Sunday, March 22, 2009

Broken Bullet Boat

Pulling into the dock at Wushan (巫山), I noticed a submarine-like boat. Soon afterwards, I saw another one pulling in. It was up on three hydrofoils.

The very next day, my wish was fulfilled. We would ride the "bullet boat" from Wushan to Wanzhou. On the journey, we got what we wished for...with a little twist!

We had been riding for about an hour and a half, through a gorge, in wide lakes, and the river, when suddenly, we slowed to a halt. An announcement went over the loud speaker in Chinese. Everyone got up, gathered their stuff, and walked out of the cabin. Not knowing what was going on, we followed suit. We walked to the front of the boat where everyone was getting off. I thought, "We are in the middle of a river! Where are they going!?"

I soon found out when I was helped aboard another bullet boat. Julie and I found two seats. Mom and Dad sat on the steps. It turns out that our bullet boat was broken!


PS: The rest of the ride went smoothly!


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