Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What We Do On Number Two

The Number 2 bus is the main bus we ride in Hong Kong. This bus runs along Nathan Road (a famous road) from end to end.

The Number 2 bus is one of many double-decker buses in Hong Kong. Julie and I sit in the front seats on the second level. I guess it is like the te liu lu in Beijing. They don't stop a lot, they both are double deckers, and they come every fifteen minutes.

The Number 2 bus is a nice convenience, since our hotel was right off Nathan Road and so is the Star Ferry (more about that in another blog).

Now, what do Julie and I do on the bus? We talk about Harry Potter while watching the streets of Hong Kong go by. Since I have read all the books and seen all the movies, I tell Julie everything she wants to know. Julie has seen all the movies, but there are a lot of parts she does not understand because she hasn't read the books yet. It's fun for me, but does Julie get bored out of her skull?



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