Wednesday, February 11, 2009

An Unexpected Street Food Snack

The other day, we stayed true to Desi's advice to always get on line if there are people queuing on the street in China. It was our first day in Hong Kong, and there was this cluster of people milling about this one xiao tanr. What could they possibly be selling? Well, whatever it is, it must be good, we all agreed.

So there we were, a few minutes later, with a surprising treat in our hands...waffles! Yes, the man and two women at the stand were equipped with a supply of batter and a couple of big waffle irons. They just kept cranking them out, one after another.

For our part, we kept coming back, over and over again, chowing down on a snack, and here may be a Balla family first, that all four of us thoroughly enjoyed.



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