Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Star Ferry

We've had this love affair with the Star Ferry ever since we first set foot in Hong Kong five years ago. Here are the basics...

Hong Kong consists of a peninsula that juts out of mainland China, as well a series of islands that are in close proximity to one another. The Star Ferry is a system of boats that connects Kowloon (the end of the peninsula) with Hong Kong Island, the main commercial center of the city. The ride across Victoria Harbor takes about fifteen minutes, and features head-on views on what the four of us agree is our favorite skyline in the world.

As for the boats themselves, they give off the appearance of being old and rickety. These are not luxury cruisers we are talking about, but green and white wooden ferries that just exude character.

For a total price of about one US dollar for the four of us, the Star Ferry kept calling us back, from a nighttime jaunt across the harbor shortly after arriving to one last ride the morning of our departure. The Star Ferry is truly one of Hong Kong's gems.



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