Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Peak Tram...Then And Now

One of the most famous tourist sites in Hong Kong is Victoria Peak on Hong Kong Island. It is the tallest peak in the area and has awesome views of the city and outlying islands. But, of course, one of the main attractions is the transportation to the top of the peak...a tram! The tram consists of two cars that look like trollies with wooden benches. The ride is pretty steep, and since our trip in 2004 to Hong Kong, I have always found that the scariest part is the ride down. The benches face forward when you go up, but on the way down, the whole trip is backward.

On our first ride down five years ago, Mommy snapped a picture of me in my favorite outfit making a scary face. After that, this picture became the one I remembered most from Victoria Peak and one of my favorites from our time in China. This time around, we tried to take the same picture, hopefully with a little bit of a nicer face!



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