Monday, February 09, 2009

More Adventures In Language Learning

Why do all of my blogs have an embarrassing ending? (Sigh...)

For a few days the other week, we ate at two new restaurants. One place is a Xinjiang restaurant and the other is a dongbei (northeastern China) restaurant. These are two of the restaurants near the hospital where Marina was staying. We loved the food at the places, and the people were friendly.

When it was our last day eating at one place, I decided to leave a note that said "我们爱..." This means, "We love [the name of the place]." I found the name of the restaurant on a plate. All of the eating utensils were also imprinted with the same name.

Well, we left and I was feeling proud of myself. My happiness was short lived, though, when we walked back by the front of the restaurant. The staff were bending over the note with puzzled looks on their faces.

Why were they doing this? I had actually written, "We love [the name of the company that makes the eating utensils]!"



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