Friday, February 13, 2009

I've Come So Far, Much Farther Than I Used To Be

I'm in the process of righting past wrongs. In part, because I'm realizing the errors of my ways. Perhaps the fear of the unknown is responsible for my transgressions. Perhaps a lack of willingness to try new things is the culprit. In either case, I'm now heading in the right direction...

We're talking food here!

In 2004, we made sure to journey from Kowloon to Lamma Island for a spectacular hike from Yung Shue Wan to Sok Kwu Wan. We had read about the views as well as the reward that awaited at the end of the hike...the best seafood in Hong Kong. At the end of this scenic trek, we reached a quaint fishing village that had a strip of seafood restaurants jutting out from the shore. Tanks of all types of sea creatures greeted us as we walked by. Each place had a catchy name, like the "Lamma Hilton" or "Rainbow Seafood." One even boasted of a free ferry ride back to Hong Kong.

We decided to try the one with the ferry, figuring it would provide our easiest route back. As we skimmed the menu, dish after dish of fish, crustaceans, and creatures we'd never heard of or seen the likes of before, we settled on vegetable lo mein and vegetable fried rice.

Crazy, no? The waiter thought so too!

Four and half years later, so did we, as we entered Sok Kwu Wan. On this trip, we headed back to the Rainbow Seafood Restaurant (yes, the one with the ferry), looked through the menu, and ordered.

For Steve, it was sliced grouper in sweet and sour sauce. For me, lobster, baby! So delicious that we came back two days later, for the hike, the view, the ferry, and, of course, the seafood. Grouper and lobster once again adorned our plates.

What were we thinking back then? Lesson learned...Ignorance is not always bliss. While food caution is always important when visiting a new place, food fear is just plain silly (and not very tasty)!



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