Monday, February 09, 2009

The Different Way

As you have probably read in previous posts, Z and I had morning adventures on the bus to school each day. Does anyone recall Z's post about getting detained?

Well, the first time we were pulled over was not the last. At least two more times, at a particular intersection, a police officer told our driver to pull over. For a few minutes, the driver would talk to the officer and show various pieces of paper to him before handing over 100 RMB. Z and I were used to this sequence of events, and were well aware that it was because our license plate number wasn't supposed to drive on that day (the ayi always liked to explain this to us).

However, one day, something changed...the bus route. We began noticing that every Tuesday morning, instead of continuing straight in the direct route to school, we turned and went a different way. Every Tuesday, Mommy would always call me when we had started on our way to school and ask me which way the bus had gone. My response?..."The different way!"



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