Monday, February 09, 2009

Design And Technology

Being at an international school was an amazing and totally new experience for Z and I. There were so many things for us to learn, subjects and classes totally different from school in the States. Among classes like drama and Chinese, one of Z's and my favorites was design and technology.

"Design and what" class? I know it sounds strange and, believe me, Z and I had no idea what we were in for at the beginning of the year. Well, think of it as carpentry class...You create a design, and you make it in a workshop.

The eighth grade project for DT class is creating a moving toy. We could make a rolling, spinning, rocking, or flying toy, or any other basic movement we could think of. It had to be some kind of animal design for a small child, and would be painted with bright colors or a glossy lacquer finish.

I came up with a rainbow fish that rolls on wheels. From drawing my design on a piece of wood to gluing on the eyes and painting the stripes, the project was so much fun to make. I was able to handle power tools like disk sanders and pedestal drills. I sawed and sanded the wooded and painted colorful stripes.

Once I was finished with the project, I thought I was done with my DT experience, since the end of the semester was only two weeks away. However, we had one more project to complete. I know you have probably seen those plastic picture frames made out of one piece of plastic that is bent. Well, that is what my second design and technology project was.

I marked out the edges, filed and buffed the sides smooth. To bend the plastic, I used a hot wire strip heater (imagine a red hot wire). I even engraved my name and the date with a dremel.

The things I learned and accomplished in DT class were completely unexpected and definitely unforgettable.



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