Friday, January 02, 2009

What To Wear In Harbin

For the last few days, I've felt like a puffalump. Despite losing a few pounds since arriving in China (no doubt from all the walking...not the lack of food!), in Harbin I wear so many layers that I definitely waddle. Take last night...Since preparation for the sub-freezing temperatures is necessary, I wore the following...

Two pairs of socks.
Heavy boots with "toasty toes" inside.
A pair of fleece-lined long johns.
Yang rong (those long johns with the wool inside).
Ski pants.
An undershirt.
A long johns shirt.
A long-sleeved t-shirt.
Heavy sweat shirt.
Two coats with hoods.
A scarf.
And two pairs of gloves.

No wonder Steve has to help me get my foot into and out of taxis (a sight in itself!). I can hardly bend my legs, but I am warm and, given our latitude, this line-up is not overkill.

As beautiful as Harbin is (and I'm finding that there is no match for the winter beauty here), I think it would be very stressful to actually live here since just getting dressed is a major undertaking.


PS: The Harbin "challenge" consists of getting fully outfitted in all of your gear before you start sweating profusely. (Haven't passed that test yet!)


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