Thursday, January 15, 2009

Suan Nai

For months, there's been this street food here in Beijing I've been meaning to try. It's just that every time I've walked by a stall that carries it, I've never been hungry. Finally, the other day, during a stroll down NanLuoGuXiang, a hip, refurbished hutong, desire met opportunity.

Now, the food itself is not particularly exotic. In fact, it's just yogurt. What's distinctive is the way the yogurt is served and eaten.

For a few kuai, you get handed this glazed ceramic container. There's a paper cover over the top. The cover is fastened on the container via a rubber band. You also get a plastic straw that you jab into the container, through the paper lid.

With this set up in place, you stand there and sip the yogurt out of the container. This is not really a "to go" item, as the container is meant to be left, when empty, on the front shelf of the stall. I suppose that, perhaps at the end of the day, the containers are all brought back inside, washed out, and made ready to be filled with the next day's batch of yogurt.

Neat little food experience...



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