Friday, January 02, 2009

A Slimy Red Piece of Skin In Your Mouth (On Ice?)

I guarantee that almost every single child on Earth has gotten their tongue stuck to ice or a pole...right, Sam?

I guess that, in kids' minds, we all believe that licking is a way to "taste" different places, things, and cultures. Well, Julie and I were in one of those moods today at the ice and snow city in Harbin.

After a quick pit stop at the front gate WC, we headed over to an ice pagoda. I, yet again, was the daredevil. One quick lick of the pagoda wall and we wouldn't stop!

We licked and licked. We even stuck our tongues to some places.

After licking half the city of ice, we come, yet again, to my "unfortunate" event. We were in this one building. There was a maze of ice inside. Julie and I licked. We were in a small cubby at the end of the maze, licking while we waited for Daddy...when it happened.

I decided to get my tongue stuck to the ice. I know she was trying to help, but my tongue wasn't actually stuck. Mom chopped my tongue off the ice, karate-style. Literally! Ask her. That just killed my tongue. It still hurts now, hours later!



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