Thursday, January 01, 2009

Sliding...Harbin Style!

Flat, steep, name it! Every single kind of ice slide you can think of is found in Harbin!

If you read other posts from Harbin, you can gather that Harbin is way up north and has an ice and snow festival. Well, the ice festival is awesome! Don't let me spoil it for you. All I want you to know about are the ice slides. Yes, you heard slides.

The things I have been most interested in (in Harbin) are the ice slides. They were the most advertised thing of all. This one picture I saw somewhere got me started. For this slide, you got to ride a rickety old metal sled down to a frozen river for ten kuai. As it turns out, this slide was just the beginning.

As you might guess, the river not only had that slide, but also horse and dog sleds, skating, and snow mobiles. These were just a few of the other attractions. We only did the slide, but I will definitely go back!

It was dark out, so the next thing on our docket sculptures! Well, I can't spoil another topic...right, Mom!? All I will say is...WOW!

We walked the ten minute walk to where the ice sculptures are. After buying our outrageous one hundred yuan tickets, we were in.

In this park, I had no idea there would be ice slides. I thought they were all at the ice city...oops! How wrong I was! Once we were deeper into the park, I realized that everywhere you turned there were ice slides. And they were free!

Let's see...I believe there was a total of about ten slides, give or take. My favorites were the two large castle slides and the small fast one.

All of the slides in the park ranged from sleek to bumpy, flat to steep, and curved to straight. The big castle with the two slides--the main attraction--was the overall best and most fun. My personal favorite--the small, sleek one--we stayed at the longest. It was about five feet long. I slid down it in every way I could think of. Sit, stand, stomach, back, head first, feet name it!

Now comes the embarrassing part...I fell! We were on the little slide when I took a big risk. I went down on my feet. Yep...My feet flew out from under me! Next thing you know, I am laughing on the ground with a sore back. (Someone else copied me later and fell, too.) I won't be trying that stunt again...Right, Mom!?

Now, you want to know about the lamest slide. This slide had the second longest line. It was on the Pirates of the Caribbean ship. We waited almost twenty minutes to ride a "one mile an hour" slide. Whew!

I have to say it again, even though it is obvious...this park is awesome! It is a one of a kind. Forget Disney next winter. Go to the Harbin ice festival!



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